The company

september 2013 merger between 3 major companies in the field - Kiroskay, Palbam and Pal Group.


The biggest and leading company of products for proffessional kitchens, cooperates with the best manufacturers in the world. the company remains active for 30 years in order to help its’ customers succeed.  



Leading stainless steel in Israel products manufacturer, offers a wide range of professional kitchen solutions.

Pal Group

Leading company in the field  of service for electronic and electrical devices. the company exists since 1975 and employs more than 1,200 employees.

Kiroskay Palbam has 54 trained  and experienced employees that provide a good and proffessional service to the customers.

Kiroskay Palbam distributes the products to large customers like the Ministry of Defence, the Israeli police, hotels and catering companies as well as 3,000 fast food chains, restaurants and coffee houses that enjoy the quality of the products and the service.

The products

Among Kiroskay Palbam’s many products, Kiroskay Palbam imports many leading brands of food service equipment exclusively. Kiroskay Palbam offers a large variety of ovens, refrigerators, freezers, fryers, dishwashing machines and many more. You are guaranteed to feel secure in your business with a kitchen equipped with Kiroskay Palbam’s products which will allow you to focus on making new dishes and developing your business.

main brands


The service

Kiroskay Palbam has the largest service department in it’s field in order to provide quick solutions to its’ customers in all parts of Israel. Our service center will reply to every inquiry and will try to solve any problem as quickly as possible at all hours of the day and in all the days of the week. Our team of leading technicians are in constant touch with the companies that produce the equipment. Our technicians also take part in courses at the producing companies and are doing the best they can to give the customers the knowledge they require. Since our service department is active 24 hours a day 7 days a week you can enjoy the feeling of being served and taken care of.

  • Only 7 seconds at the center of human response.
  • Arrival to customer up to 24 hours after opening service call (70% from the calls).

 Kiroskay Palbam service revolution

The Showroom

Kiroskay Palbam’s show room has the largest variety of food service equipment in Israel. The showroom has hundreds of proffessional products by the leading brands all over the world. Kiroskay Palbam offers a wide range of solutions that are most fitted to your needs of price, size, design or any other technical detail required. In order for you to understand the quality of our products Kiroskay Palbam’s showroom has a model kitchen for a hands on experience which allows you to fully inspect the equipment. Our trained and proffesional sales agents will assist in finding the best equipment to your kitchen along with detailed explanations on the many models we have to offer.

The showroom is open for your convinience from sunday through thursday from 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM.

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