The leading company in Israel in the service, production and supply of equipment for the professional kitchen, the company employs over 100 people.

At Kiroskay we are willing to provide our customers with the best professional service.

The quality of Kiroskay’s products

Our products are carefully selected from the best manufacturers around the world.

We provide our customers with a variety of accurate and professional solutions with an emphasis on the quality and reliability of the products.

Only a company that is confident in the quality of its products and the reliability of its partners, can give its customers a 24- month warranty. 

Palbam Ein Harod factory

Over 70 years of experience!

The first domestic factory  in Israel in stainless steel production, and is in the line with the needs of kitchens in a new era. 

  • Quality standard- advanced equipment specializing in the production and development of metal- based production
  • Production flexibility- professional and has a team of experienced engineers
  • Made in Israel

The Service Center

  • First time fix- fixes the problem on the first visit (91% of the visits)
  • Dishwashers service in less than 4 hours- 24/7
  • Human response within 18 seconds at our call center
  • The technician arrives at 65% of the calls within 24 hours
  • Technicians with legal licences
  • 24 month warranty- the only company in the industry that provides a 24 month warranty! 

          The warranty includes: 

  1. Working hours of a technician (with legal licensing)
  2. Original spare parts

*There are no small letters


Our Specialties

Providing smart solutions for the FOODIES 

  • Exclusive distributor of the THERMOMIX cooking robot 
  • Culinary processes development- processes and providing smart solutions for the kitchen
  • Demonstrations and training for the client’s kitchen staff and culinary consulting

Palbam washing solutions- rental of various dishwashers

  • 24/7 technician service- service within 4 hours
  • Maintenance and preventive care
  • Adaptation to any type of business- from counter dishwashers to conveyor dishwashers
  • Nationwide deployment

A perfect variety of products for the ice cream industry

  • Exclusive distributor of ice cream machines made by TAYLOR USA, the leading manufacturer in the world
  • Exclusive distributor of ice cream freezers made by FRIGOMECCANICA Italy
  • Professional and quality technical service
  • Digital control

Food machine center-providing solutions for the butcher shops, fish shops and delicatessens since 1965

  • Comprehensive response- a perfect variety of products for the customer’s needs
  • Quality products approve for the work in the food industry
  • Specializing in providing solutions for catering companies, butchers, fish, shops, hotels’ the leading marketing chains
  • Professional accompaniment and advice by the experts in the field

Palbam projects- leading the most prestigious projects in Israel for over 50 years. Knowledge and expertise based on many years of experience, accompanied by a skilled and experienced engineering teem. Palbam has been leading the project market for large kitchens in Israel for many years. The projects are managed by experts who accompany the customers in the field.

Among our clients are the leading companies in Israel: commercial companies, institutions and government offices, hotels, restaurants, catering companies and more. 

Providing solutions for the catering and hospitality

  • HORECA- Kiroskay specializes in supplying professional kitchen equipment for hotels, restaurants and catering
  • A perfect range of products- at Kiroskay we specialize in the variety of necessary equipment such as dishwashers, grills, ovens and wide variety of others, and offer a comprehensive solution in the field of professional kitchen 
  • Professional advice from the experts in the field-  a part of our belief is to provide the best and the professional service to all parts of the country. Therefore, in every region of the country- in the north, in the south, in Jerusalem and in Gush Dan-  there is a sales agent who specializes in his area 


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